“One of the most effective ways to communicate to and educate kids is peer to peer. That is why Sodexo chose to partner with Chef Remmi, Sodexo’s Student Ambassador to Health & Wellness. Her passion and talent captivates parents, students and educators alike. She is an exceptional role model and a rising star in the culinary world.”

Richard Hill
VP of Strategic Marketing Sodexo

“Chef Remmi is one of the most engaging and talented young chefs I have had the pleasure of working with in quite some time. She is fun, exciting and witty beyond her years. Her recipes are absolutely delicious and the way she brings them to life in her book is sure to capture the attention and imagination of young chefs everywhere.”

Peter Steve, Jr.
Managing Partner & CEO Ideaworks Food Marketing

“It’s never too early to make a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and nobody’s done more to get kids excited about this than Remmi. The Century Council was honored to name Remmi one of our 20 People to Watch, because she lights up the room with her enthusiasm and shows kids how they can turn their interest in good nutrition into action. She’s one of a kind.”

Ralph S. Blackman
President and CEO The Century Council

“Here at the world’s biggest and best children’s museum, Remmi’s recipes and presentations courtesy of Sodexo are an inspiration to children, youth, parents and grandparents! We are thrilled that Remmi’s recipes will be available for all!”

Dr. Jeffrey Patchen
President & CEO
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis



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