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Cook Time with RemmiTM is a health-based cooking show, hosted by a 14-year old girl, Remmi. Cook Time with Remmi She may be young, but she is very comfortable in preparing a healthy meal for her own family. Her main goal is to show you how to prepare a complete meal for you and your own family, so you can be the star cook in your kitchen one night a week. If you are really young, you can still participate by having a grown-up, or an older brother or sister, to help you in preparing the meal. This is how Remmi learned when she started young in the kitchen.

We want children of all ages to develop a passion for cooking. We want children to be able to put, into practice, what they have been taught and learned regarding nutrition and healthy food choices. We hope that children learn the cooking skills that are essential for a healthy lifestyle, and we know if they are involved in the process, they are more invested in making these choices on a daily basis. The Cook Time with RemmiTM show and website are a unique method for accomplishing this.

Did you know that you can prepare a healthy meal for your family that costs less than fast food?

A kid’s meal at a fast food place can cost about $2. Most of the meals on this website and on our shows will cost around $2 to $3 per person! Yes, this also includes feeding the grown-ups in your house! Obviously, fast food is… well, fast, but then when things are too fast, you miss out on all the fun. With cooking at home, you’ll be able to enjoy planning, preparing, and then finally, presenting a great meal to your family.

Cooking is an activity for EVERYONE: moms, dads, kids, and boys and girls of all ages. That’s right; it’s not just for moms. Paradoxically, the world’s greatest chefs are all men!

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