History of Cook Time with Remmi

Cook Time with Remmi started out with my mom and I having some fun and filming me cooking in our kitchen. We put up a website and started airing the segments. Concerned about the childhood obesity epidemic we wanted kids to see that cooking is fun. Eventually a local cable channel started airing the cooking segments multiple times a week. This led to a second cooking series,”The Culinary Kid” and we partnered with Oklahoma State University Arts Program (OSUIT) to create a show where Remmi learned cooking methods that are similar to the ones the students at the OSUIT Culinary Program learn.

Things were pretty low key until 2012, I was named “Student Ambassador for Health and Wellness” for Sodexo Education. This led to my first contract, and in June I got my first paycheck! As the ambassador, I get to work with Sodexo’s 500 executive chefs giving them a kids perspective on nutrition. My recipes are served in all of Sodexo’s schools in North America. I am the face of their “Fresh Pick” Program and I have created 3 cooking series for them which airs daily in the cafeterias in front of 3.5 mmillion students! I am also the face of their cooking contest called “Future Chefs.” These videos can be viewed at .

In January,my new cookbook “Global Cooking for Kids” was published. In the book, I selected one country from each continent and created a complete meal. The book is full of fun food facts, brain teasers, and great tasting(and challenging) recipes. The cookbook was nominated for the Addy Award and won gold!

I have been named “Top 20 to Watch” by The Foundation Advancing Alcohol Responsibility.¬†As one of their Top 20 to watch, I am the youngest of the group, among famous senators and athletes, such as Apolo Ohno- 8 time Winter Olympic medalist! I currently create monthly cooking video blogs for them.

In addition to working with Sodexo Education, I am now working with their Leisure and Wellness Divisions. In this role, I am traveling all across the country giving cooking demonstrations at zoos, aquariums, museums and other venues of family entertainment, and visting kids in hospitals.

In 2013 is when things really started to happen and I began making appearances not only for Sodexo but many other organizations, like Birdseye! Since then I became a speaker for the Teen Entrepreneur Network for Independent Youth. Thvive15 which is an online edutainment university for entrepreneurs just recently named me their Teen Mentor and I am now making vidoes for them to encourage teens to go after their dreams.

For “Tulsa Live” on Fox 23, I have a weekly cooking segment that airs at 10:00AM on Wednesdays. In a couple of weeks I will go to Google Headquarters and will be 1 of 5 teens that will be part of an international Google Chat where we will be leading a discussion about teen entrepreneurship.

I have had so many interesting things happen for me! I love my life!

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