Anne Schuller

My name is Anne Schuller and I am a Physician Assistant practicing in family medicine for more than 13 years. In my practice I focus on preventative medicine.  My goal is to identify risk of developing disease and intervening before the disease presents itself.  Nutrition and lifestyle change is the most important intervention to improve the health of my patients.

My educational history includes undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in psychology.  Shortly after graduation I attended the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant Program, graduating in 1997.  Since my graduation I have practiced in a broad spectrum of medicine and care for patients of all ages.  Diabetes is a major health concern in the US, my practice focuses on diabetes and early intervention.

Currently I practice medicine at a corporate based health clinic.  The clinic provides care for all the employees and their families.  This provides convenient and low cost care to this population.  The people I work with are at high risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  I spend much of my patient time presenting education materials and reviewing changes for a healthy lifestyle.

On a more personal note I live in Lakewood, CO and have raised 3 children.  I now have 2 grandchildren and a 3rd one on the way, due in October.  I am very involved with my family and spend as much of my free time as possible with my grandchildren.  I love the state of Colorado and the outdoor activities available.  Hiking is my #1 passion for exercise and enjoying the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Anne Schuller

(Contributing Writer)

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