Hi, Cook Time Friends!

In the summertime, for the very first time, I went berry picking! More specifically, I went blueberry picking! Y’know those days in the summer when you’re trying to find something fun to do? Well, my mom, sisters, and I wanted to go berry picking for a long time, so we didn’t waste any time. We drove about 30 minutes to a farm that specialized in berries. However, only the blueberries were in season. We entered through a small cabin and were each given a bucket to fill with deliciousness.


They gave us two things to look for in a good blueberry: the plumper the sweeter and the darker the more flavor. And then we went hunting! The sun beat down on us as we walked through rows and rows of blueberry bushes. I had to crouch while looking at the bushes, trying to find just the right berries.

I occasionally picked a berry straight off the bush andpopped it in my mouth. I had one of the best times picking blueberries, although I was a little bit too picky when gathering blueberries in my bucket. Out of the four of us, my mom, my sisters Dasher and Elizah, and me, I ended up with the least amount of berries weighed. On the car ride back, my berry supply depleted by at least half (I got hungry). But as school starts again, I can’t help but think of other fun days planned, picking veggies this time. So far, pumpkin picking is already on my list!

Hugs and Veggies,


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