Everyone can be a c.h.e.f. (cook.healthy.exercise.frequently.)

In America, 1 out of 3 kids are either overweight, obese, or at risk; and a third of kids under the age of 18 are also at risk of Type II Diabetes. This means that most overweight or obese children will become overweight or obese adults: it is a growing health problem. So, if kids learned how to cook healthier, they would end up eating healthier. Also, exercising is an important part of being healthy. It helps with our hearts and can prevent a lot of different health diseases.

With everyone able to become a c.h.e.f. (cook.healthy.exercise.frequently.), obesity can be lessened and, hopefully, in the future, eliminated.

Visit the c.h.e.f Club Challenge portal today to participate and get involved.

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