What is the c.h.e.f. Challenge?

Everyone can be a c.h.e.f. (cook.healthy.exercise.frequently.)

In America, 1 out of 3 kids are either overweight, obese, or at risk; and a third of kids under the age of 18 are also at risk of Type II Diabetes. This means that most overweight or obese children will become overweight or obese adults: it is a growing health problem. So, if kids learned how to cook healthier, they would end up eating healthier. Also, exercising is an important part of being healthy. It helps with our hearts and can prevent a lot of different health diseases.

With everyone able to become a c.h.e.f. (cook.healthy.exercise.frequently.), obesity can be lessened and, hopefully, in the future, eliminated.

How Can I Get Involved?

We would want YOU to take a challenge to encourage yourself, and others, to eat and live healthier. This c.h.e.f. challenge is geared to encourage kids and adults to eat healthier by learning how help and/or cook, in the kitchen, healthy meals, and being active. The challenge would last for 3 months, because this is how long it is said for a habit to form.

Challengers can write down their experience in an online daily diary, writing about what they ate, what they cooked, and what they did to be active. They are to also write about, if any, experiences they had in encouraging another person(s), whether it be a kid, an adult, a family, a class, a school, or a community, and what was accomplished.

Online diaries are only accessed by you and the Cook Time Staff. You must register at the c.h.e.f. Challenge login to become a contestant. If you are under the age or 13, please read our Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions.

The c.h.e.f. Challenge Forum is there for you to communicate with other challengers and the Cook Time Staff, along with Remmi, herself.

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