c.h.e.f. Club Challenge Registration

c.h.e.f. Challenge Parental Permission Form

Under 13 years old parental consent account submission for the c.h.e.f. Club Challenge

We want your child to take the c.h.e.f. Club Challenge to encourage themselves, and others, to eat and live healthier. This c.h.e.f. Challenge is geared towards encouraging kids and adults to eat healthier by learning how to help and/or cook, in the kitchen, healthy meals, and being active. The challenge would last for at least 3 months, because this is how long it is said for a habit to form. Click Here for more information on c.h.e.f. Challenge.

Because your child is under 13 years of age, you, the parent or legal guardian, will need to register your child's account in order for your child to participate in the c.h.e.f. club challenge.

* In compliance with COPPA, your consent is required. For more information about COPPA, please follow this link www.coppa.org. Please read the c.h.e.f. Challenge Privacy Policy and this Parental Permission Form in its entirety.

  • Parent or Legal Guardian Information

  • Child's Information

  • This is for the personalized URL address. Example: http://chefclub.cooktimewithremmi.com/username
  • This is the login email address you or your child will use to access the account.
  • By clicking the submit button and submitting this form you are confirming and validating that you are the parent or legal guardian of the child referenced in this form and you are confirming account activation for your child to participate in the Cook Time with Remmi c.h.e.f. Club Challenge.
  • Activation and Screening Process

    Once we have received your submission this account will be screened and processed by a Cook Time with Remmi staff member. Once we approve and activate your child's acount we will notify you and your child with information on how to access your account.
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