It’s a general rule: the more water, fiber and protein a food has, the longer it will keep you satisfied. Below are some foods that are delicious and will keep your stomach, mind, and soul feeling fulfilled!

  1. Legumes and Beans: these contain high fiber and protein, and contain anti-nutrients that delay absorption, thus keeping you feeling fuller longer.
  2. Salads: these have a satisfying crunch factor along with lots of fiber and water. Order one at the beginning of the meal. It is proven that people who start with a salad will eat less during the rest of their meal, therefore eating fewer calories.
  3. Soups: make sure these are broth-based soups and not cream-based soups. Broth-based soups are great at filling you up without adding too many calories. A whole can of chicken broth is only 30 calories! Starting with a broth-based soup at the beginning of a meal can also lessen calorie intake, just like salads do.
  4. Eggs: these are packed with protein and Omgea-3 fats (good fats), and helps boost brain-power. Protein is said to stay in your stomach longer (it takes longer to break down), therefore it makes you feel fuller longer. It has been proven that people who eat 30% of protein daily are more likely to consume less calories than people who eat less than 30% of protein daily. Besides eggs, foods like skinless poultry, fish, lean meats, and low and non-dairy foods also provide lots of protein to your body.
  5. Oranges: it is better for you to eat an orange than to drink orange juice. An orange itself contains more fiber and keeps you satisfied longer than the juice. Oranges, along with grapes and apples, are water- and fiber- rich complex carbohydrates than help keep you fuller longer.
  6. Popcorn: yes, popcorn. As long as you don’t drench your popcorn in butter, it is a great and filling snack that can fill you up. Try putting some spices on your popcorn instead of high calorie butter: seasoned salt, Tony Sachery’s seasoning, or for a kick, cayenne pepper!
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