Did you  know…

  • That sealed honey containers found in King Tut’s tomb were edible, 2000 years later?! Yucky!
  • Round cherry pits were used to play games, just like marbles?
  • Olive trees live a long time? Some are over 1500 years old!
  • Bananas are nutritious and easy to digest? It is the number one fruit  offered to babies.
  • Dried fruits are just as nutritious as fresh fruits? Those are great snacks!
  • Americans eat approximately 20 pounds of apples each year?
  • Number one breakfast cereal was created in 1863 in New York, by a vegetarian?
  • Cereal is the number one breakfast food in America and it is the number one food bought in America?
  • Bees have to vist 2 million flowers to produce 1 pound of honey?
  • Bees have been around 150 million years, producing honey?
  • 80% of the pollination of fruit, vegetable, and seed crops in America are done by honeybees?
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