Did you know…

  • every strawberry has 200 seeds and is the only fruit that has seeds on the outside and not on the inside?
  • strawberries are one of the top 10 Superfoods?
  • there are 10 top Superfoods? These are foods you should eat every day!
  • cinnamon is considered a super spice, so it is really healthy for you? It is actually really good for the heart and can help control diabetics’ blood sugar levels.Try putting it on as many things as you can think of that cinnamon could be good on. Why not try sprinkling some ground cinnamon into your oatmeal, or make some cinnamon toast (wheat bread, honey and cinnamon), or swirl a cinnamon stick in some warm soy milk, sweetened with honey. As you can see, honey and cinnamon go really well together.
  • olive oil is an antioxidant? Therefore, it’s really good oil to use in your cooking, because it is healthy for you (it raises your good fats and lowers your bad fats!).
  • most Americans obtain more of their vitamins from tomatoes than any other vegetable?



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