As the minutes tick away and I sit here staring at my laptop, I am left wondering what in the world I might have to say that would be of interest to you, the reader. Then I realize that I simply cannot wait for Thursday.

Now I know by the time you read this, it will be Friday, but stay with me on this one for a minute. The reason I cannot wait for Thursday is it marks the start of one of my favorite sporting events of the year – the first round of the British Open golf tournament. I am well aware that not everyone likes to watch golf. In fact, I know that to some it is like watching paint dry on a muggy, humid, overcast day. But thinking of the upcoming golf tournament got me thinking about sports in general, and I realized that summertime is home to some of the greatest professional sporting events around. Just to name a few, there is of course the British Open in golf, Lance Armstrong attempted to go for his 8th Tour de France cycling title, the Major League Baseball all-star game was held this month, and we just finished watching some great soccer with the World Cup taking place in South Africa. The list could go on and on.

The point is, watching the golf tournament makes me want to get out there and play golf, just like watching tennis makes me want to go play tennis. I hope that you watch some of the many sporting events this summer and that it motivates you to get out there and play. Play a sport. Any sport. Just stay active this summer.

As I was contemplating my favorite Thursday in July, I got to thinking about why they televise sports in the first place. I like to believe that one of the purposes is to inspire. As you are watching some of these great sporting events this summer, let them inspire you to be Landon Donavan kicking the game winning goal for the United States. Let them inspire you to get a game of baseball going and be Albert Pujols hitting the game winning home run in the bottom of the ninth inning. Let them inspire you to grab a tennis racquet and a friend and be Serena Williams battling Maria Sharapova for another major title. You get the point. Be inspired by the sports that surround us. Get out there this summer and be active.

In the coming weeks, I am going to be talking to you a lot about being active. We will discuss specific sports you can play and activities you can do. We will go over reasons why staying active and eating right will keep you healthy. I hope you enjoy these little tidbits of information, and I look forward to sharing some fun and exciting things with you. I welcome any feedback you might have and am always open to questions and comments. I am very excited about talking with you every week!

Until next Friday,

Coach Michael

Today’s Fun Fact: July 16th is International Juggling Day, so get out those tennis balls, hacky sacks or old bowling pins, and juggle away!

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