This is the story of an epic Colorado Adventure that almost never happened.

My cousin Jessica and I had been talking about going on a backpacking trip in Colorado for several years. Each time it came up, however, life seemed to get in the way and we would postpone another year. This year, 2011, was different. We were determined to make it happen this time. We recruited Jessica’s sister Kelly and my stepdad Kevin to go with us, and we began planning. As the time to leave drew near, both Kelly and Kevin backed out for various (and worthy) reasons. Honestly, I kept waiting for the call from Jessica to tell me that she couldn’t go either, but the call never came, and it looked as if the trip was actually going to happen. Then one of my employees quit and I tore a muscle in my leg. Both things came within a hair’s width of derailing the trip, but I found a replacement employee and gave my leg some time to heal. I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of the trip this time!

Day 1
I woke up around 9 in the morning, loaded up the car, dropped my dog off at my parents’ house (hopefully she’ll get to come on the next trip) and got on the road at10:15. It took almost 11 hours of driving across the uninspiring panhandle of Oklahoma, the scenic Northeast corner of New Mexico, and on into the lovely little town of Alamosa, CO. Anticipation for this trip had been building for weeks, and I could hardly contain myself as my feet stepped out into the cool Colorado evening. I was finally here. We were finally going to do this.

Dinner at San Luis Brewing Co

Jessica and I decided that the best way to prepare for a long hike and several days of eating whatever food is lightest to carry in a backpack (translation: not very tasty) was to load up on carbs. So we headed to the San Luis Brewing Company for some pasta and beer. The food was plentiful and the beer was fantastic. As I do at almost every microbrewery I go to, I ordered the beer sampler. All I can say is that almost all the beers were very flavorful and delicious, but I highly suggest staying away from the Green Chile Beer. Yikes.


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