What Getting Active Means:
This is going to be the first of many articles on “Getting Active.” However, today we are going to talk about what it means to ‘get active’, and the benefits of being active. Let me say that we are not necessarily talking about any kind of ‘formal’ exercise program, or an order to put kids into an organized sports activity- we are talking about a “home” plan to get kids moving.

General guidelines:
Children should participate in physical activity at least 60 minutes a day. It does not have to be scheduled all at once. Children can participate in activities several times a day for as few as ten minutes at a time.

Let’s talk about the benefits of being active:
Promotes healthy growth and development
Helps kids reach and maintain a healthy weight
Helps with relaxation
Helps kids feel better about themselves
Helps to build strong bones and muscles
Helps decrease their risk of developing Type II Diabetes
Increases the likelihood that they will be active later in life

Here are five things you can do as a parent to encourage an active lifestyle:
Be a positive role model
Turn off the T.V.
Find an activity that you enjoy doing with your child
Make time in the family schedule for active play
Provide age appropriate, active toys.

Getting ActiveWeek 2
Examples of Family Activities

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