Since basketball is one of Remmi’s favorite sports, and her older brother, Levi, and oldest sister, Nicolette (Nic), are both basketball players –Levi used to play with the Harlem Globetrotters; Nic plays on the Kansas University (KU) Women’s Basketball team–it is only right to start with basketball as our first Flavor of Fitness!

Basketball was invented by James Naismith, a Canadian P.E. teacher, in 1891. The first formal rules (1892) of basketball were to have players dribble a soccer ball up and down an unspecified- dimensioned court. In 1893, the hoops and hammock- styled baskets were introduced.

How to Play:
The game starts with a jump ball/ tip off in the center of the court between 2 opponents, while the other 8 players stand behind them. The jumpers’ goal is to try to tip the ball to one of their teammates to gain first possession.

To score more points than the other team!

Basketball Rules:
1. 10 players on the court, with two teams playing against each other- 5 players from each team–2 forwards, 2 guards, and 1 center–this changes depending on the offense played.
2. Offense: Get the ball into scoring position and score a field goal.
3. Defense: Try to take the ball away from a designated person, or a person in a zone area, and force them to turn over the ball.
4. Scoring: Field Goals- 2 or 3 points (3 points are made from the 3 point line); Free Throws- 1 point.
Basketball is a great and fun game to play with your friends and family. However, if you don’t have 9 other people to play with, that’s ok. There’s always shooting hoops- you can do this yourself or with (a) family member(s) or friend(s). Just shoot the basketball into the hoop and see who gets more points!

Every time a person shoots a basket and scores, they get a letter.

For example, if Mary shoots a basket and the ball goes in, she gets a “D”. Then, when Mark shoots the basket and he gets it in too, he also earns a “D”. Then when Mary or Mark shoots another goal, they move on to the next letter- “O”. They do this until the first one spells “DONKEY”. Whoever gets there first, wins!

You can use any word you like too! Make it fun!

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