We’ve introduced the game of Basketball to you, since it is one of Remmi’s favorite sports to play, and one of the prominent sports in her family. This week, we’re picking Sous Chef, Dasher’s favorite sport: Volleyball!

All you need to play Volleyball is a net, a Volleyball ball, and at least 6 players (3 on each side). So, grab a few friends and play this fun and entertaining game on concrete, or on the beach!

First, one side will serve the ball and the other side will try to volley it back to them. However, you are only allowed to get three hits per side, and an individual cannot hit/touch the ball twice in a row. If your team can get it over to the opposite side, the opposing team will try to do the exact same thing by trying to hit the ball back over to your team’s side. This keeps going until one side drops/ fails to hit the ball, or it goes out of bounds. Whichever side does this looses the ball/ point.

If the side that served the ball manages to get a point, it is still their serve until they lose the ball.
If they lose the ball, the other team will rotate and the person in the right back position will serve. This will keep repeating itself until one team gets to 21 points. However, the rule is, you must win by being ahead two points. Therefore, if you manage to score up to 21 points, your team is still not in the lead until your team scores 23 points, thus leading by 2 points (If the opposing team has the score of 21 as well).

In Volleyball, there are several techniques that must be learned before playing: bumping (passing), setting (an underhand serve or an overhand serve), hitting, and spiking, to name a few. Learn these, grab your friends and have a great time playing outdoors, either in the sand or not!

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