If you’re a little clumsy at times and tend to spill that glass of water all over the table, it’s O.K. Just simply and politely ask your server to clean up the mess for you. However, you should only use your napkin to protect yourself from spills instead of cleaning up the mess with it. After your server has cleaned up the mess, just ask for a new, clean napkin.

If you’ve accidently dropped your utensil on to the floor, again, just simply ask your server politely for a replacement.


Do not clean up the mess with your napkin, your neighbor’s napkin, or anyone else’s napkin for that matter. Do not use the soiled napkin you used to protect yourself. Just ask for a new one. Don’t touch the items you’ve dropped on to the floor. Also, don’t just pick up the dirty utensil and continue using it, thinking the 5 second rule applies. It doesn’t! Just ask for a new one.

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