It has always been my practice to put salt in the shaker with larger and fewer holes to accommodate the grains of salt, which are larger and heavier than pepper. Also, the fewer holes in the salt shaker will help monitor how much you put on your food. If the salt ends up in the pepper shaker, then a lot of salt will end up on your food!

When someone asks for you to pass the salt, what do you do? The proper thing to do is to pass BOTH the salt and pepper to the person. However, do not reach over someone! Instead, pass both the salt and pepper to the person next to you, and have them pass it along to the next person, until it gets to the right person. BIG NO-NO’s: Passing the salt and pepper shakers are not the only things that should be passed along this way. ANYTHING that is asked to be passed should not be passed over by reaching over someone. So, don’t EVER reach over someone at the table!  

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