Ever wonder whose bread plate is whose, or which drink is yours and which drink is your neighbor’s? Well, follow this rule of thumb and you’ll never wonder again:

Hold up your hands as if you’re giving someone a high ten. Bring your forefingers to your thumbs. Do you see a letter “b” in your left hand and a letter “d” in your right? Well, the “b” stands for your bread plate (which should always be on your left hand side) and the “d” stands for your drink (which should always be on your right hand side)!

Just remember to do this under the table when you’re out, so that you don’t draw attention to yourself.

If you’re STILL confused, just remember: You can eat whatever is to the left of you, and drink whatever is to the right of you.

Big No- No’s:
Stealing someone else’s bread or drink, or putting the bread plate right in front of you (it should always stay to the left of you).


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