All the stuff we use (plastic, paper, etc.) has in one way or other either polluted the environment or has suffocated it. The result- a world that now has floods in some parts of the world and famines in the other. We are slowly losing our beautiful earth to destruction. But we still can stop this destruction, if we want. Recycling is a great way to Go Green! So, instead of throwing your plastic, paper, glass, and metal goods into your trash can, recycle them! You can put them into one recycling bin, or four, or more!

A fun way to do this is to get three (or more) colorful containers and write on each one of them. For example, PLASTIC, or PAPER, or GLASS, or METAL. You can decorate your containers any way you want to.  Then just dump the trash into the respective container and bring it to your local recycling center. Some neighborhoods now have recycling pick up service too, to make it even easier for you to embrace the world!


It’s better to pay a small price today than it is to pay a bigger price tomorrow.

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