When going to the grocery store, you’re often asked the question: Paper or Plastic?
Well, how about Cloth?

Plastic and paper bags have about the same amount of negatives. Paper uses a lot of natural resources to be produced, but can be recycled back to its organic matter eventually. Plastic, on the other hand, takes less to be produced, but can never be recycled back to its original matter.

In fact, every bit of plastic ever made is probably still on this earth today. It’s just in a different form. Can you imagine how much plastic that is?

In the end, neither paper, nor plastic is environmentally friendly. The best way to go is to bring your own reusable bag. You can find these at your neighborhood supermarkets. Some are even decorated with drawings and designs, and cute sayings. Best of all, YOU can have fun with them by buying a non- marked reusable bag and decorate it yourself! Just don’t forget the bag(s) at home when you go do your grocery shopping!

It’s better to pay a small price today than it is to pay a bigger price tomorrow.

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