Did you know that appliances and electronics that are constantly plugged in suck up a lot of energy? Even cords that are plugged in, leading to nothing, will still consume energy. Therefore, shut down and unplug electronics. Not only will you then help the environment, you will also help your parents with the energy bill, because it will be less! So, shut down your computer when you’re not using it and plugging your cell phone, and its cord. Also, if you use a power strip, and plug all your electronics into it, you will be able to switch off many devices at once!

Also, try switching off and unplugging all of your electronics (T.V., air conditioning/ heaters, cell phone chargers, etc.) for an hour once a week. Try spending time hanging out with your family for that hour. For example on a cold night, snuggle together by the fireplace and read the family’s favorite story together. If a fireplace isn’t available, use a flashlight. You can go as far as choosing a family member to be the narrator, preferably the one who does funny and-or scary voices the best. Then let other family members dress up as characters in the book and act out their parts as the story unfolds. Be inventive!


It’s better to pay a small price today than it is to pay a bigger price tomorrow.


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