Chef Remmi Smith

In May we are celebrating the winner of Sodexo’s Future Chef’s Contest. Each year Sodexo comes up with recipe theme and schools all across the country are involved. This year the theme was healthy sandwiches. Students compete with other students from their school and the winners compete at the city regional, and then national level. Congratulations to our national winner eight year old Mary Jane from Troy School District in Michigan! She made an awesome and delicious “Cucumber Sandwich.”

Speaking of “awesome” I love lettuce wraps. I don’t know who invented lettuce wraps but what a genius! They are fun to eat and you can get really creative. This month I am presenting my “Asian Lettuce Wraps with Orange Sauce.” This dish is quick to prepare and the flavors are kid friendly. This is another one of my dishes that combines vegetables with fruit giving the dish a natural sweet flavor.

Did you know the flavor of orange is the third most favorite flavor behind chocolate and vanilla? Oranges originated in Southeast Asia in 4000 BC. There are over 600 varieties of oranges in the world, and Brazil is the largest producer. Most oranges have 10 segments, and the bigger the naval the sweeter the taste.

Oranges are very high in fiber. Just one orange gives you 130% of your daily requirement for Vitamin C. Other health benefits include stroke preventions, high blood pressure, cancer, and overall heart health. The Vitamin C is also a great benefit to healthy skin.

A great way to add more oranges in your diet is to add them to your salads. Slice them up for dessert and add a spice like cinnamon. I hope you enjoy this dish which serves up oranges in an unusual way. I don’t know who invented lettuce wraps but what a genius! I look forward to sharing my love of blueberries next month when I share my “Cucumber and Blueberry Salad!”

Again, Congratulations to Mary Jane for the 2014 winner of the Future Chef’s Contest. I cannot wait to meet you when I come to Troy, Michigan and celebrate your win!

Now…that’s a wrap!

Hugs and Veggies!

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