Hi Friends! It’s me again — Remmi of Cook Time with Remmi and Sodexo’s Student Ambassador for Health and Wellness.  This month we are going to cook up one of my easy and delicious carrot dishes and I’m going to share with you some great fun food facts about this incredible vegetable. But first….let’s talk about the 2013 Sodexo Future Chefs: Healthy Salad Challenge.

For the past three years, Sodexo’s national Future Chefs Challenge has encouraged kids to get in the kitchen and have some fun while creating their original healthy recipe.  So cool….that is what I am all about….getting kids into the kitchen and having fun experimenting with food.  So, in addition to being the Ambassador for Sodexo, I am also the representative for their Future Chef’s program.

I am so pleased to announce that Imran Mihas, an elementary school student from Grosse Pointe School District in Michigan, is the winner of this year’s challenge.  Imran’s fantastic Tortilla Cup Salad emerged out of an original pool of more than 5,000 healthy recipes nationwide and it received more public votes than the other four national finalists.

I was lucky enough to try out and taste Imran’s recipe and I can tell you that it is as yummy and as it looks.  Congratulations Imran, I cannot wait to visit your school and help you make the recipe for your classmates to try!  I will be sure to let you know how that visit went in a future post.

The ancient Greeks loved carrots so much they called them “philtron” which means “love charm.”

Ok, now back to food!  I have created a really simple dish that is so kid friendly.

Most kids kind of like carrots……..especially when they have a bit of sweetness to them.

My recipe-Glazed Carrots with Orange Sauce have the right touch of sweetness with honey.

It is subtle…………but it’s there!  I created this recipe just using carrots but carrots work well with other vegetables like cauliflower, summer squash and potatoes to name just a few.

Please enjoy this new episode and follow along with this easy recipe.

Sometimes I get a bit crazy…that’s OK…the kitchen should be a fun place to be.

I think of the kitchen as a science lab, a place to experiment.  What’s cool is you get to eat the experiment!

Ok…now for some fun food facts: Did you know that Holtville, California is the carrot capital of the world?  Every February they hold a week long festival and they even serve carrot ice cream!  Every carrot you consume gives you enough energy to walk a mile.

The ancient Greeks loved carrots so much they called them “philtron” which means “love charm.” Beta carotene which converts into vitamin A is what gives carrots their orange color, and carrots have more beta carotene than any other vegetable. Vitamin A is important to healthy skin, bones, vision and teeth.

Did you know rabbits in the wild really do not eat carrots, but our most loved bunny character, Bugs Bunny loves them.  We always see him munching on a carrot before he delivers his famous catchphrase ”Eh, What’s up Doc?”

I guess you know by now I love to read about food and food history!  I think is makes food more fun when you learn about how it makes you healthy. It gives you something to think about when you are making food choices.

I hope you enjoy the recipe. As always, I encourage you to change it up and make your own creation.  I look forward to sharing my love of broccoli next month! It is one of my greatest recipes! I hope you are inspired to get in the kitchen and have some fun, enjoy life and the love of food. I’ve always wanted to be a cook star, and you can be a cook star too

Hugs and Veggies, Remmi

Chef Remmi Smith is Sodexo’s Student Ambassador for Health and Nutrition.

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