Chef Remmi Smith

Hi Friends……… I am way too excited to present to you my famous Strawberry Salsa recipe! Why? Well because it’s awesomely good of course……… but what is really great is that Strawberries are my all time favorite food. If you have read anything about me…….. I eat these wonderful beauties every single day…. Yes… I am telling you the truth. First thing I ask my mom when I am picked up after school is “Do we have strawberries?”

Valentine’s Day comes this month and aren’t strawberries the perfect food to serve!! My Strawberry Salsa is easy to make and it is a beautiful dish to serve. Its RED, LUCIOUS and SWEET and HEALTHY!

Did You Know Strawberries are the first berry to open in Spring? How about this…the Strawberry is the only fruit that has seeds on the outside and not on the inside? And did you know each berry has approximately 200 seeds? Belgium has a museum dedicated to Strawberries….. can’t wait to go there!

Strawberries are a Super Food… a kind of food you should eat everyday! My salsa is full of interesting ingredients…. pineapple adds natural sweetness, jalapeno a bit of spice, crunchy cucumbers, and bell peppers full of vitamin C.

Strawberries are so awesome and they are so healthy for you. Strawberries help prevent cancer, memory loss, heart disease and diabetes! And…. its packed with vitamin C. So let’s just say strawberries are an all-around winner.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you try this recipe…. it is so so good.

Hugs and Veggies <3 Remmi.
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