A Winning Approach to Healthy Snacking

By age four the average child is just learning how to handle a spoon and fork. By the time she turned four, Remmi Smith was already in the kitchen cooking alongside her mother. By the time she was seven Remmi could make a full meal on her own.

From that point on, faster than you can microwave a burrito, she wracked up a string of accomplishments: she became an Internet sensation for her cooking videos; a cable TV host; an award-winning cookbook author; and student ambassador for food service company Sodexo, where she gives the company’s 500 executive chefs a kid’s perspective on nutrition.

Remmi, now all of 15, is bringing her boundless energy and passion for food to what she calls “a literally enormous problem”: battling childhood obesity by encouraging kids to snack smarter. It almost seems inevitable that her CHEF (Cook Healthy Exercise Frequently) Program won first place at Get Started Tulsa, the latest in a nationwide series of “Shark Tank”-like competitions at which local entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of experts….. Read the full article here.

Remmi - INC
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