En Papillote (ahn pa-pee-yawt)

Cooking Method:

  • Classic French cooking method
  • The cooking method means, “in paper”
  • Wet heat cooking method (stem)
  • Seal food in pouch and bake
  • Quick cooking method for lean tender proteins. ex. fish fillets
  • Proteins should not be thicker than 1 inch
  • Parchment paper and aluminum foil is preferred
  • Packaged in individual servings
  • Short baking times (~12 to 15 minutes)
  • Usually includes protein, vegetables, fresh herbs, and liquid
  • Dish is layered with vegetables, protein, vegetables, herbs, and liquid
  • All ingredients should be cut and prepped to cook in the same amount of time (slower cooking vegetables should be julienned)

How to:

  • Prepare parchment in a heart shape. Fold in half.
  • Open paper, oil to prevent sticking, and layer ingredients on one half of the folded parchment paper.
  • Ingredients should be 1 inch from fold.
  • Fold and seal edges by folding the edges in 1 inch increments.
  • Place on oiled baking pan and bake.
  • Puffed up and brown parchment package indicates it is done.
  • Place packet on plate to serve.
  • Make an “X” using scissors to open packet. Careful as steam will release and can burn you.
  • Should be opened upon serving.


  • 1840 Antoine’s Restaurant was established in the French Quarter in New Orleans. It is the oldest restaurant in the US today.
  • Antonine’s Restaurant created the famous dish, “Pompano en Papillote”.
  • The classic dish was created for a banquet honoring a famous Brazilian balloonist
  • Presentation of baked fish in a paper envelope became a famous tradition at the Antonine’s Restaurant.

Other Comment:

  • Food steams in its own juices, making it a very tender dish.
  • A low-fat cooking method.
  • Easy to prepare.
  • Short cooking interval.
  • Easy clean-up.
  • Kids can have fun putting it together and making the pouches.
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