Asparagus w/ Eggs

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This is a really easy light main dish that you could serve with rice on the side, or it makes a great side dish with any type of meat. This is asparagus season so enjoy while you can!!. Serves 4 at a cost per serving of 55 cents.


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Serving Size
Cook Time
10 to 15 minutes
  • 1 lb asparagus (trimmed)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/4 C parmesean cheese
Steam asparagus until slightly tender but crisp. Set aside on warm plate. Use 1 T of olive oil in a warm pan on low. Place the eggs in the oil and put a lid on the pan until eggs are soft cooked. Divide the asparagus on 4 plates. Place an egg on top the asparagus on each plate. Sprinkle the parmesean on each egg. Serve immediately.

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    *Adult supervision warning

    Kids, although Remmi makes it all look so easy, she has had to learn how to get where she is now in the kitchen with the help of her mom and older siblings. We want you to be able to do everything Remmi does, but we also want you to be safe. Even Remmi, who is very comfortable in the kitchen, has adult supervision when she is cooking- whether it is in her home kitchen or on set.

    Always ask for adult supervision, whether it’s your parent, an older sibling, or an older relative or friend of the family- anyone who is older than you and knows how to use knives, ovens, stoves, etc. properly.

    You should never learn how to use sharp and potentially dangerous equipment without consenting an adult first.

    Once you are familiar and comfortable with all the equipment around the kitchen, you’ll be on your way to being just like Remmi!

    Remember: Kitchens are for Kids Too!