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What are Leeks?
A leek actually looks like a large green onion- they are in the same family as onions. They have an onion- like flavoring, yet mild compared to yellow or red onions. They are great in salads, soups, casseroles. and vegetable dishes.

Leeks are grown in sand and they end up getting sand in between all the layers, so they are a bit difficult to clean. And, because their leaves love dirt so much, make sure you wash them thoroughly before eating. The whole leek can be used for cooking. However, it is common to just use the white part (the bottom) to eat and the green part for stocks. You will need to slice the root off, cut the white part in half lengthwise, cut into the desired shape and separate the pieces. Put them into a bowl and cover with water and wash them well. Drain, dry and they are ready to use in your salads, soups, and wherever your heart desires.

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