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What is a Star Fruit?
The star fruit or carambola (Averrhoa carambola), is a unique, waxy, golden yellow to green fruit that has a 5 pointed star shape when cut across the middle of the fruit. They probably originated in Sri Lanka and the Moluccas, and have been cultivated in southeast Asia and Malaysia for several hundred years. There are 2 varieties found in markets, one very sour and the other slightly sweet. Their flavor has been described as like a cross between an apple and a grape.

It is almost impossible to tell the sweet and tart varieties apart, but in general the sweet varieties have thicker, fleshier ribs. There are several white varieties, all of which are sweet. They bruise easily, so handle with care. Star fruit (the sweet variety) can be eaten out of hand or sliced and used as a garnish or in salads. They are also used in chutney, curries and tarts. The juice can be used in tropical drinks and smoothies.

Other names for the fruit are belimbing or belimbing manis (Indonesia) and mafueng (Thailand), Chinese star fruit and Five angled fruit.

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