Welcome to our Global Table Adventure.

Over the next few years I am going to prepare one meal for every country in the world. My dear husband, Keith (a.k.aMr Picky) and my sweet daughter (Miss Ava) are along for the ride.

Since there are 195 countries in the world, I’ll be preparing 195 meals. And, just to keep things fun, I am going to do this in 195 weeks.  All from my little kitchen here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We spend a week on each country – check out our schedule for details.

Why cook my way around the world?

I love to eat, travel, and learn new things. Since I can’t go anywhere right now, I’m visiting the world via stovetop travel. I also hope to bring about understanding and respect across borders and cultures.

We create peace when we learn about each other,
when we understand each other.
We can’t create peace alone.
We need to set a Global Table and invite everyone to sit down as one family.

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