Healthy Food and Healthy Living Tips

1. Eat foods in high fiber and Starchy Carbohydrates. It will help you feel full for longer and also have a good metabolism

2. Include in your meal a lot of fruits and vegetables. Change your snacks of junk foods into fruits.

3. Eat more fish. Instead of always eating a lot of pork insert fish meals into your diet. it is also a good source of protein.

4. Lessen on consuming saturated fat and sugar. having too much saturated fat will increase the risk of having heart diseases because of the increase of cholesterol in the blood.

5. Cut down on eating salt. Salt can increase your blood pressure that may lead to heart diseases or stroke.

6. Be active while eating healthy. Sometimes it is not enough that you are eating healthy exercising is also good for you so you should do it more often.

7. Dring lots of water. Do not get thirsty, it means always drink water or any non-alcoholic drinks to avoid dehydration.

8. Always eat your breakfast. It is not gonna help with your weight loss if you skip your breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast so you can get the nutrients you needed for your good health.